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Since our old sprouter- the kind with trays that stack up- broke, we have been using jars with muslin on top secured with an elastic band. Not only does this look messy, but the damp fabric tends to drip everywhere and the elastic bands perish from time to time. After a look online, I decided that it wasn’t worth paying £10 or more for something I could probably make myself for a fraction of the cost. We think a sprouting jar should be quick and easy to use, easy to clean, and look neat on your kitchen windowsill. Glass is best, too; you can give it a good scrub between batches without scratching the jar. Yesterday in Poundland, two things caught my eye, I bought them and it all worked out brilliantly! If you would like to do the same, take a look:

1: Glass storage jar with nice wide top, plastic lid and separate rim (also in purple or pink). Plastic mesh sieve. Both cost £1 each.

2: The clear plastic part of the lid was really easy to punch out with closed scissors.

3: The mesh is easily cut from the sieve with ordinary scissors.

4: I put the mesh on top of the jar, secured it by screwing the rim on lightly and trimmed off the excess mesh.

5: Ta-dah! Happy sunflower sprouts nestling in their new home in less than 5 minutes.

Do you have any kitchen tips to save money? We’d love to hear via the comments.

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