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Carrot paratha is a healthy and delicious whole wheat flatbread made with grated carrots and herbs. They make for a filling and tasty breakfast meal when served with a side of yogurt or butter or pickle.

carrot paratha served on a white plate with a side of pickle

Hot or warm carrot paratha with a dollop of butter or ghee would be a perfect breakfast or brunch in this cold weather.

These gajar ka paratha are slightly crisp from the outside and soft from within. Since these parathas are delicious as well as healthy, they make an ideal snack to be packed for tiffin box or lunch box.

The recipe is quick and easy to make and tastes good as well. You just have to add grated carrots, chopped onions and some herbs to the dough. Knead the dough, roll with a rolling pin and roast the parathas with ghee or oil.

Parathas are made in every home and each family has its own way of preparing parathas. This recipe of carrot paratha comes from my mom. We were at mom’s place, so she made us these parathas. Since I was carrying the camera, I took the pics also and decided to share the recipe.

We usually add finely chopped ginger, chopped curry leaves, chopped onions and coriander leaves along with grated carrots in the dough. Carrots impart a sweet taste that compliments the taste and flavors of the herbs used.

I generally make plain paratha along with dishes like mix veg, palak paneer, dal makhani. But if I make carrot paratha or Mooli paratha or any stuffed paratha then we have them with plain curd or raita or butter or pickle varieties like Mango Pickle or Lemon Pickle.

These paratha taste so good that you can have them without any accompaniment also.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Carrot Paratha

1. Rinse and peel 2 medium sized carrots. You can use any fresh tender juicy carrots as they will be easy to grate.

peeled carrots

2. Grate the carrots. Keep aside.

grated carrots

3. Chop onion, ginger, curry leaves, green chili and coriander leaves. Keep all the ingredients ready for making gajar paratha.

You will need ⅓ cup finely chopped onions, 1 green chili (finely chopped), ⅓ cup chopped coriander leaves, 1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger and 12 to 15 curry leaves (chopped).

TIP: You have to finely chop the onions and green chilies. Otherwise, they can come out while rolling the paratha.

ingredients for carrot paratha

4. Take 1.5 cups whole wheat flour into a large plate or a mixing bowl.

flour in a bowl

5. Add ¼ teaspoon salt or as required.

salt added to flour

6. Now add 1.5 cups of the grated carrots.

grated carrots added

7. Next add ⅓ cup finely chopped onions and ⅓ cup chopped coriander leaves.

chopped onions and coriander leaves added

8. Also add 1 finely chopped green chili, 1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger along with 15 curry leaves (chopped).

If making for small kids then you can skip or reduce the amount of green chilies and ginger.

green chili ginger and curry leaves added

9. Mix everything very well with your fingertips.

mixing carrot paratha dough mixture

10. Soon the carrots will start leaving moisture.

mixed the flour and other ingredients

11. Pour ¼ cup of water or as required. Since carrots also leave moisture so add water wisely.

While kneading any paratha dough it is a good practice to add water in parts. Never add all the water at once as you don’t know how much water will be needed. The amount of water needed depends upon the quality of the flour.

water added to flour mixture

12. Begin to gather the mixture and start kneading to a smooth dough.

kneading carrot paratha dough

13. Drizzle 1 tablespoon of ghee on the dough.

ghee added

14. Knead till you get a smooth and soft dough. In case the dough gets sticky then add some flour and knead again.

kneaded carrot paratha dough

15. Cover the dough with a linen cloth or lid. Allow the dough to rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

dough kept for resting

Rolling carrot paratha

16. Make small to medium sized balls from the dough.

dough balls on a plate

17. Dust some flour on the ball. Alternatively you can place the ball in a box containing whole wheat flour (atta).

dusted dough ball

18. Begin to roll with a rolling pin. While rolling dust some flour if required.

rolling carrot paratha

19. Roll into medium sized rotis or rounds.

rolled carrot paratha

Cooking carrot paratha

20. Place the rolled carrot paratha on a hot tava or griddle. Keep the heat to medium to medium high.

carrot paratha placed on tawa

21. When one side is partly cooked or about ¼ cooked then flip it using a spatula.

cooking carrot paratha on hot tawa

22. Spread some ghee or oil or butter on the partly cooked side.

ghee applied to carrot paratha

23. Flip again with the help of tongs or spatula. You will see some brown spots on the gajar paratha. Apply some ghee or oil to this side too. The amount of oil or ghee to be applied depends upon your taste preferences.

flipped carrot paratha

24. Flip the parathas a couple of times for even cooking. Also press the edges of the paratha with a spatula so they are cooked evenly from all sides.

flipped and cooking second side of carrot paratha

25. Once the paratha are roasted and cooked well, remove the parathas. Similarly prepare the remaining parathas. While making the second paratha regulate the heat as needed. If there are any browned or burnt flour particles on the tawa then wipe them with a clean kitchen napkin.

cooked carrot paratha on tawa

26. If not serving immediately then you can stack and keep the parathas warm in a casserole or roti basket. You can also serve the carrot paratha while they are hot or warm with mango pickle or raita or plain yogurt or butter.

They can also be packed for lunch box. Usually, we make them for breakfast but they can also be made as an after-school snack or tea-time snack. They are filling, healthy and also taste good and can be enjoyed as it is without any accompaniment.

carrot paratha served on a white plate with a side of pickle

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Gajar ka paratha or carrot paratha is a healthy and delicious whole wheat flatbread made with grated carrots and herbs.

Prep Time 20 mins

Cook Time 10 mins

Total Time 30 mins

Servings 4 people


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This Carrot Paratha post from the archives (January 2017) has been republished and updated on 12 October 2021.

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