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Korma is a “curry” (ie: spiced savoury dish from South Asia) that includes ground cashews, coconut and/ or cream with the vegetables and spices. It is rich and calorie-dense and something of a treat, but here’s how you can make it an everyday pleasure, even on a raw or high-raw diet! (My own adventure in the world of raw is now in its sixth week, and I’m loving every minute; I aim to eat 70-80% raw, but exceed this on some days and don’t quite get there on others. My energy and mood is good, my skin is glowing and I feel truly satisfied after a raw meal. We’ve been juicing daily and having smoothies regularly too. And guess what? I actually prefer to eat all my veggies raw now. Me and my husband have even started training for a half marathon in a couple of months’ time..!)

This was made alongside the cooked version- very easy to do if you are the only person eating raw in your household. Just set aside your bowl of raw veggies when you prepare the veg for cooking, and make your sauce while you’re waiting for the regular korma to cook.
 I didn’t actually note down quantities this time, but I think you could easily reproduce this dish by following these instructions and adjusting the spicing to your own taste.

You will need:
a selection of finely-cut raw vegetables, such as bell pepper matchsticks, courgette ribbons, baby spinach leaves, fresh peas, etc.
some fresh tomatoes
ground cumin seeds
powdered ginger
compound hing
ground coriander
chilli powder
desiccated coconut/ fresh coconut flesh

  • Prepare the vegetables and set aside in a bowl.
  • Grind the cashew nuts.
  • Liquidise the tomatoes and add the ground cashews, spices and salt.
  • Pour onto the vegetables and mix well. Let it stand for a while for the sauce to “soften” the veggies and the flavours to develop.
  • Serve sprinkled with desiccated coconut or fresh coconut shavings.

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