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If you are following a farali (no grains) fast or a gluten free diet, you might want to try these simple chapattis; they make a great change from rice with a veg curry, or dipped into hot soup. These breads are somewhat chewier than their wheat flour/gluten free flour counterparts, but definitely worth making. They won’t roll out as thin as chapattis as the lack of gluten means no elasticity in the dough.

You need:
equal amounts of buckwheat flour and potato flour (1 cup of each made 6)
a pinch of seasalt
water to mix- a little stickier than usual, but so the dough is still handlable (it dries out otherwise)

  • Mix up the dough, a little wetter than usual.
  • Roll small balls of it between sheets of clingfilm, not as thin as chapattis.
  • Cook in a dry (ie: unoiled) nonstick frying pan (better than tava for this) turning frequently.

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