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Every so often it feels good to get away from our dependence on wheat and gluten-rich grains for the carby part of our diet, whether or not we have a gluten intolerance. I certainly find gluten free options a bit easier to digest, but the problem with bought gluten free breads if you’re vegan is that they pretty much always contain egg. Luckily, a solution was waiting there in the kitchen cupboard in the form of farali flour and flax seeds.
Let me explain; farali flour is a blend of different gluten free flours; Japanese millet, water chestnut (aka singoda) and sago. You can find it in some Asian grocery stores. Flax “eggs” are made from ground golden linseeds whisked with water. One tablespoon of ground flax with three of water equals one beaten egg. The result was a fairly easy to handle dough that could be rolled quite thin, and a soft, slightly chewy-textured bread.
I made 9 chapattis, so to the amount of flour you would normally use for this amount, add a pinch of salt and two flax “eggs”. Mix in water to make a soft but not sticky dough, wrap it up to stop it drying out and let it stand for half an hour. Then proceed as normal.

We already posted a gluten free chapatti recipe using buckwheat and potato flours, here
Take a closer look at the texture…

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