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Or: how to turn this…

…into this!

It’s quicker than cooking up a pot of rice, can be eaten raw or heated and is extremely easy. Need any more reasons to try it?- Well, it’s a lower- calorie, lower- carb alternative to rice and it makes an interesting accompaniment to a raw meal. If you eat it raw it does taste like raw cauliflower, but then I rather like that taste, don’t you?

1: Wash your cauliflower and break into florets.

2: You can grate it by hand although the result will not be so even.

3: For best results, use a food processor to break down the florets into small, rice-like pieces…

4: …and there you have it! Gently steam or serve raw. Great with a sauce or sprinkled wth soy sauce. I tried it with a raw curry sauce on top, accompanied by vegetable sticks.

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