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As you probably know, Middle Eastern appetisers often come in the form of meze, or a platter of various side dishes such as dips, breads, olives, salads or stuffed vine leaves. But we are suggesting meze could take centre stage as the main course. And for dessert, what better than fresh fruit? (Think figs, apricots, dates, pomegranates…) or maybe even a piece of vegan baklava, halva or lukum (Turkish delight). The informal, mix-and-match style of meze means you can share lots of different flavours and textures and potentially (if the dishes span the range of food groups) a good spectrum of nutrients too. And anyway, it’s fun to choose lots of different flavours and textures! We haven’t put a meze menu together in real life, but instead we are inviting you to pick from the recipe links below (click on the recipe name to open the link) to create your own Middle East Feast; let us know via the comments what you made, or what your ideal meze menu would include.

First up, we have dips:
Baba ghanoush (aubergines and tahini)



Moroccan chickpea pate

Scoop them up with veggies or flatbreads:
Flax flatbread

You might want to serve something a little more substantial, hot or cold:
Moroccan couscous

Chickpeas with ras al hanout

Middle Eastern pizza
Baked falafels

Moroccan aubergine escalope

…and then there’s the classic salads/ sides:

Stuffed Vine Leaves

I’ve been wanting to make imam byaldi, Turkish stuffed aubergine, for some time now; what Middle Eastern dish are you planning to make next? What would you like to see featured here?

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