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Well it’s been two weeks at least since our last post and I bet you’ve all been wondering what we’ve been up to… We were helping organise and facilitate a 3-day festival here in Birmingham which was exhausting as usual but also great fun. Sometimes I feel like I wish I could do this all the time! It was the catering, of course, which took up most time and energy, and this time all the food was not only vegan, but organic too, thanks to the tour organisers. “Nectar of Vraja” refers to the spiritual world, and we wanted to make sure the prasadam (food offered to God) was as heavenly as the name! 

My husband spent many hours in the kitchen with a devoted team of choppers and stirrers, making such delights as tempeh burritos, coconut rice pudding and aduki bean and fennel salad. (More about that rice pudding at a later date…) 

This is a quick post just to say we’re back and to try out the Blogger app on my new iPad, so please forgive the brevity. Watch this space for more recipes coming soon!

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