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Sweet potato muffins

Regulars here and readers of our FB page may already know that we used to be The Yogi Vegetarian blog. Now we’re called The Yogi Vegans and we’re gradually transferring our lacto-vegetarian recipes from way back into a new blog, The Yogi Vegetarian Archive. We know that not all our readers are vegan, or not quite ready to go totally vegan just yet, so if that’s you, you might want to take a look at it here.

-But wait a bit before you click away! We’re all about promoting a cruelty-free, animal product-free lifestyle, and I can truthfully say that since we became vegan knowing that we are no longer implicated in the torture and slaughter of animals, the exploitation of people or the wasting of Earth’s precious resources and habitats feels really good. So does being healthier, slimmer and happier. With that in mind, then, perhaps you’ll want to check out a couple of delicious recipes from back in early 2011 that we’ve now veganised:

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