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The tapioca-like version…

The smooth- but- grainy version

Oops! We’ve been away for over a fortnight with no real excuse apart from being tired and busy; I guess that’s the beauty of amateur blogging; things like that don’t really matter. (Hope you did miss us, though!)

This quick and easy breakfast is like chia pudding, only more yoghurt-y. I used coconut milk and chia seeds as usual (I think any plant milk would do though) with a little agave for sweetness. Then I added some lemon juice for the yoghurt-y sourness effect, which did work really well. The thing that makes it not entirely a cheat, though, is the addition of a spoonful of probiotic powder (we use Probio-Easy) so it will have similar digestive benefits to cultured yoghurt. I left some of it bumpy like chia pudding and put the rest in the blender to see what would happen The result was not completely smooth and sort of grainy, but it was still yummy.

If you fancy something different for breakfast, why not try your own version of this? Let us know what you added, and how it turned out!

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