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Serve with fresh fruit for a perfect summer dessert!

 The heatwave shows no sign of abating just yet, so in between watering the garden and harvesting your summer veggies, chill out in the sun with a bowl of fruity, refreshing vegan icecream- guilt-free, of course! Ice cream is fast becoming my favourite thing to make- so many flavours to experiment with…
This recipe is a refinement of the rhubarb and custard ice cream we posted last year, the main difference being that this time we used agave not sugar. We also ditched the crystallised ginger in favour of powdered ginger (but next time I won’t be quite as puritanical about the sugar content and I’ll add it back in!) and doubled up the quantities to make it yield the best part of 500g; you can never have too much ice cream, can you?

800ml (2 cans) coconut milk
2 tabs custard powder
4 tabs agave
Rhubarb compote:
2 cups chopped rhubarb
4 tabs agave
1 tsp ginger powder (more if you want the ginger to come through strongly)

  • Simmer the rhubarb and agave gently together until soft and pulpy.
  • Make the custard following the instructions on the tub. (Take a little coconut milk from the pan, whisk up with the custard powder and agave, then add the boiling coconut milk and whisk until thickened somewhat.) Leave to cool.
  • Using a hand blender, beat plenty of air into the custard and put in the freezer (still in its mixing bowl).
  • Take out and beat again from time to time; this breaks up the ice crystals and keeps it from getting too hard.
  • Finally, swirl in the rhubarb compote, pile into a lidded tub and freeze until solid but scoop-able.

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