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Oatcakes and hummus go well with sauerbeet.

Is there even such a word as sauerbeet? Well there is now!
Sauerbeet is just grated beetroot fermented like sauerkraut. Our first experiment went well, though it seemed to take a little longer than cabbage. Here’s how it was done:
We took one of our home grown beets, small to medium-sized (fits easily into the palm of your hand) and grated it. Then we added a pinch of seasalt and left it in an airtight jar in a warm place, as we do for sauerkraut- see here.
After about 5 or 6 days the beetroot had become considerably wetter and tasted nice and sour- sort of like pickled beetroot but without vinegar. Yum! Definitely worth doing again with a larger amount.

I’ve been looking at recipes which combine beetroot, cabbage and ginger; have you tried any of these? What would be your favourite combo? 

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