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Turmeric ginger lemonade and almond milk turmeric latte…. which one will you choose today?

It’s been a while, I know – nearly 18 months to be precise- but we are not pro bloggers, and sometimes our day jobs, and well, just life, take up all our time and energy. But rest assured, we are not just posting about a healthy vegan lifestyle, we actually live it, and we have plenty to share with you from our journey into compassionate living. Plenty! It feels right and good to be posting here again, and we hope from the bottom of our hearts that you will enjoy our offerings. Thank you for sticking with us 🙏🏻 and a heart-ful welcome to any of you who are new here 💚.

Today’s post is inspired by my personal experience with asthma and joint/ muscle pains. Despite being a runner, I do wake up regularly with aches and pains, especially in cooler, damp weather. But I don’t want any of that, nor my diagnosis of asthma, to stop me getting on with whatever I want to get on with. Are you with me? Over the summer I started drinking turmeric ginger lemonade in the mornings and my morning cough disappeared altogether. This week I finally crawled out from the rock under which I’ve been hiding from foodie trends and discovered turmeric latte. A hot, frothy, comforting almond milk- based drink. Yum! Turmeric and ginger are known for their anti- inflammatory and anti microbial properties so need no introduction here, but let me tell you this: both these drinks are wonderfully health-promoting, but they both also taste like a treat! And that’s a win in my book. I know I am far more likely to keep up the habit of drinking them if it’s actually enjoyable. So let’s get on with making them…..

Turmeric ginger lemonade:
Fresh ginger root, chopped- roughly the size of the top of of your thumb
Fresh turmeric root- roughly the size of the top of your little finger (I use a dsp of powdered if I can’t get fresh)
Pure maple syrup
The juice of one lemon
Water to make up to about half a litre

  • Blend up everything apart from the water. We have a high-speed blender, which makes this easier. Try to get it all so fine that it doesn’t need straining at the end.
  • Add the water and whizzfor a couple more seconds.
  • Drink! Take it slowly at first, and remember that turmeric is bitter and an acquired taste. Adjust the maple syrup to suit your tastebuds.

Almond milk turmeric latte:

Enough unsweetened almond milk for your favourite mug (300-400ml)

1 tsp powdered turmeric ( you could use fresh but I had none at the time)

Fresh ginger, the size of the top of your thumb, chopped

1 dsp maple syrup 

A pinch of powdered cinnamon

  • Gently heat the milk 
  • Add to blender with rest of ingredients and whizz until smooth and frothy. 
  • Pour into a mug and enjoy! It’s kinda filling and comfortingly warming on a cold morning.

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